Aluminum and Composites

Fixing body damage on today’s ultra lightweight auto body materials, like aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other composite materials, is completely different than woking with traditional steel. A great deal of training and experience is required to master the art of working with these kinds of materials.

The I-CAR Platinum-recognized experts at Bells & Vaughn were among the first in the industry to be trained to work with these materials. Our facility houses all of the appropriate tools and equipment to make expert aluminum repairs, and is I-CAR certified for aluminum auto body repairs.

Bells & Vaughn has been restoring body panels back to factory condition since 1946. Over the course of 70-plus years of being in business, the automobile industry has introduced a variety of new materials engineered to make cars stronger, lighter and more resilient to dents. While each materials has unique benefits, no two are alike when it comes to repairing them. Each material requires a significant amount of specialized tools, training and hands-on experience. 


Like steel, aluminum is a metal. That’s where the similarities end when it comes to auto body repairs. Unlike steel, aluminum body panels are lightweight and extremely strong. Aluminum is actually very difficult to reshape and weld, and can be rendered unfixable if not done by somebody who knows how to work with it. Our aluminum certified facility is home to the latest aluminum repair technologies.

Carbon fiber: 

The most modern material used for auto body panels is carbon fiber. It is a very strong, lightweight material that absorbs impact energy by breaking. Due to the fact that carbon fiber cannot be reshaped or welded, the techniques for working with it are very different than metals. Carbon fiber body panels are often bonded to the chassis/tub of the vehicle using a heavy duty adhesive, opposed to bolts or spot welds. Our team has been exhaustively trained to repair carbon fiber chassis components and auto body panels.


Introduced to the automotive industry in the 1950s, fiberglass is a versatile composite material composed of a polymer resin reinforced with a woven sheet of glass fibers. It is a strong, lightweight material, that can tolerate a bit of flex. However, one of its weaknesses is not absorbing impact energy well. In most cases where a fiberglass panel takes a hard impact, it will crack or break. Bells & Vaughn has been repairing fiberglass body panels for more than 60 years. Our expertly trained staff knows all the secrets to restoring damaged panels to show room condition.

The Bells & Vaughn Guarantee

All repairs performed by Bells & Vaughn are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.

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