Bumper Repair

The sole responsibility of a vehicle’s bumper is to absorb the energy of an impact. In the event of a collision the bumper is often the first part of the vehicle to sustain damage.

Today’s plastic bumpers are extremely effective at safely absorbing impact energy. However even a minor impact can imprint, crease, dent or crack bumper covers.

Bells & Vaughn’s I-CAR Platinum-recognized technicians are experts at repairing damaged bumpers to their pre-accident condition.

Bells & Vaughn has been performing bumper repair for as long as we have been in business. While vehicle bumper technology has changed a lot over the last 70+ years, our ability to safely repair them hasn’t.

Regardless of what the bumper shows on the outside, it’s what’s behind the bumper’s outer plastic cover that tells us the extent of damage. Sometimes a damaged bumper can look more dramatic than the actual damage sustained by the vehicle. And sometimes, a bumper might look okay but the structure of the vehicle has been tweaked.

Anytime a customer brings their vehicle in for bumper repair, our team assesses the vehicle for signs of structural damage to determine the best way of fixing the vehicle. Our team will thoroughly repair the vehicle to ensure that the bumpers are able to safely do their job in the event of future impacts. The team will use the appropriate methods to recondition the bumper’s cover to have no evidence of impact damage. In some cases where the plastic bumper cover can’t be repaired without compromising its integrity, we will replace it using factory original parts.

Whether you’ve been involved in a fender bender or you accidentally scraped your bumper against something, our team of auto body experts can get your vehicle’s bumpers looking like new.

The Bells & Vaughn Guarantee

All repairs performed by Bells & Vaughn are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.

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