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The paint job is the first thing people notice when they see your vehicle. However, paint does a lot more than make your vehicle look good. While it may be easy to overlook chips and scratches that happen with daily use of a vehicle, doing so can actually cause bigger problems down the road.

From touch ups to color changes, the i-CAR platinum recognized experts at Bells & Vaughn can get your car looking like new again! We are home to the most advanced paint system in the industry, and our color matching technology can precisely match any color.

We Take Paint Seriously!

Whether you’re restoring a classic or want to refresh your daily driver, you can trust Bells & Vaughn to do it right!

Your Vehicle’s Paint is More Than Just for Looks! While the paint is certainly the first thing anybody notices about your car, paint actually serves more important purposes than just eye candy. Having a paint job in good condition actually protects the body of your vehicle from being weakened from exposure to the elements. A good paint job also inhibits rust and corrosion. The moment raw steel is exposed to the elements it begins to oxidize. Without proper repair, this can rather quickly turn to rust that can spread and eat away at the body and structural components of your vehicle. And lastly, having a great paint job will actually boost resale value of your vehicle.

Why Choose Bells & Vaughn? Starting with our advanced, eco-friendly down draft paint booths , the same ones used at the Ferrari factory in Italy, to our Sikkens water-based paint system from Akzo Nobel, Bells & Vaughn quality is second to none. We provide our expert paint technicians with the best materials and supplies that money can buy so that every paint job we do results in perfection.

All paint work we do comes with Bells & Vaughn’s lifetime guarantee on labor, as well as Akzo Nobel’s lifetime global warranty on the paint.

Our Paint Services:

  • Full color changes
  • Factory paint repairs
  • Color matching
  • Clear coat touch up
  • Scratch and chip touch up
  • Color correction
  • Color sanding and polishing


The Bells & Vaughn Guarantee

All repairs performed by Bells & Vaughn are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.

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